BMX Tech

The BMX Tech domain name ( is for sale.

Carlsbad Online

The Carlsbad Online domain name ( is for sale.

West Coast RC

The West Coast RC domain name ( is for sale.

San Marcos Online

The San Marcos Online domain name ( is for sale. San Marcos, Texas and San Marcos, California.

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Apple’s MobileMe Service: No Linux For You

I have a first generation Apple iPhone and on the 11th of July I downloaded the version 2.0 software via iTunes. I had been reading about the iPhone’s new 2.0 software functions and the MobileMe service and was eager to try them out. We currently have a Microsoft Exchange 2003 infrastructure and I was curious to see how the MobileMe …

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Ten Years West-Age Web Services

A few friends have asked me to elaborate on this a bit because they know West-Age Web Services has been around about 17 years. I have decided I should write a bit of history about this and will publish it soon.

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Project File: Grants Pass Properties

West-Age Web Services announced today the launch of Grants Pass Properties,, a property listing web site targeted at independent real estate agents, real estate brokers and small to mid-sized property management companies. The Grants Pass Properties web site presents an attractive look and user friendly navigation allowing the web sites visitors to easily find properties that meet their search …

Windows vs. Linux

Windows vs. Linux – The best security comparison to date, period.  Go here.

Going Ubuntu Linux

I have been a loyal Microsoft advocate for a long time, everyone who knows me knows this.  I also was a early adopter of the Windows Vista beta program and did some extensive testing on our network with some positive results.  However, the final conclusion I arrived at was that there is really no compelling business reason to migrate to Windows …

Implementing SPAM Block Lists In Microsoft Exchange 2003

Many companies spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year attempting to reduce or eliminate SPAM junk email from their inboxes and servers. If you are using a POP3 email provider you are more or less at their mercy of how Spam is handled.  Often this is a digital yes or no option meaning that you can either enable their …