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Apple’s MobileMe Service: No Linux For You

I have a first generation Apple iPhone and on the 11th of July I downloaded the version 2.0 software via iTunes. I had been reading about the iPhone’s new 2.0 software functions and the MobileMe service and was eager to try them out. We currently have a Microsoft Exchange 2003 infrastructure and I was curious to see how the MobileMe …

Going Ubuntu Linux

I have been a loyal Microsoft advocate for a long time,¬†everyone who knows me knows this.¬† I also was a early adopter of the Windows Vista beta program and did some extensive testing on our network with some positive results.¬† However, the final conclusion I arrived at was that there is really no compelling business reason to migrate to Windows …

Add Maps To Microsoft Ofice Outlook

Free Download – Add-in that allows you to insert Microsoft Live Local maps to your Outlook 2002 or 2003 application.  Maps can be viewed offline and sent in appointment requests.  Click here to see more details and download the program.